Free, Initial, Comprehensive IT Consultation

A Comprehensive IT Review would include:
Up to 1 full day to gather information for a comprehensive report
An estimated $3000 value! For free! (10 Hours onsite/remote and 10 hours to build report)
A report that would include:

1. Licenses
a. If any PCs licenses missing
b. If any Office licenses missing

2. PCs and Servers
a. If they have “known” ransomware vulnerabilities
b. OS Service packs missing
c. Patches – Important Security updates missing
d. Upgrades needed – memory, CPU, Disk space or SSD
e. Age – whether they need replaced
f. Antivirus / Malware – if not working and not updating

g. Are there backups, and are they being checked, and are they taken/replicated offsite?
i. Are restores ever done to test?
ii. Is there a plan in case of a system wide failure?
iii. Is there a Disaster Recovery Plan?

h. Is there a standard, and plan for the future?

3. Infrastructure Checkup
a. Condition of wiring – is it at least Cat 5. Is it properly terminated at both ends?
b. Condition of network – is it at least GB
c. Condition of components – are there little switches hanging here and there
d. Is there a real Firewall, and not just a NAT router. Is it current on updates?
e. Is there wireless? Is it secure? Does it provide adequate coverage?
f. Is there an isolated “guest / client / customer” wireless access?
g. Are credit cards processed? Is the processing done on an isolated secured network?

h. How is the Internet used? Is it fast enough?
i. Are there remote offices and/or workers that need to connect?

4. Email Review
a. Is there a custom domain being used?
b. Is there any protection for the email?

5. Staff review
a. Are there remote access solutions, and are they documented?
b. If no remote access, would the employee be more productive if there were?
c. How is “key” staff being away – family emergencies, etc handled?
d. Is there any staff computer training being done?
e. Is there any staff education of dangerous practices/habits being done?
f. What are current pain points with technology that the staff mentioned?

6. Is there documentation? Is it in one place? Is it maintained? Drawings? Passwords? Recovery procedures?

7. Pictures of concerning / trouble spots.

8. Web presence review

9. Telephone system review

10. Summary and recommendations