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About vaITpros.COM


Active Remote Management & Support Services, LLC is vaITpros.COM.  Actually, might be better to say vaITpros.COM is ARMSS.NET.  avITpros.COM is one of many names/domains that ARMSS uses to get the word out about our services.

The Virginia Information Technology Professionals are a group of independent IT businesses who have joined forces under the vaITpros.COM domain!  Currently, the two partner companies are ARMSS, LLC.  And AAC Technologies, LLC.

Active Remote Management & Support Services, Limited Liability Company was started in 2003 by Jim Hevener and a friend.  Founding the idea of independent but cooperative IT companies.

AAC Technologies was started by Mark Cooper.

Current Partners

Mark Cooper / Jim Hevener—names you know, or names we hope you will know soon.  We live and work where you live and work.  No corporate backing, just two guys with over 20 years of experience each.


Jim is a Systems Engineer for an Enterprise level organization during the normal work week. M-F 8-5.  Evenings and weekends, he can’t help but find ways to help others.
     Educated as a programmer and supporting systems since the early days of home computing, still a humble geek/nerd at heart.


Mark has a strong background in PCs, Phone systems, and CCTV systems.  Mark has been helping small businesses and home users for years.  Not to mention Mark’s unique experience building voice/data networks from the ground up, and working with builders and contractors to make sure projects of data/voice stay on track!


Of course, we have friends and family who also help.


We have several mottos / philosophies:

  • Technology Today for a Better Tomorrow - Mark Cooper
  • Work Smarter NOT Harder - Jim Hevener
  • Failure is NOT an option - NASA

ARMSS and VAITPROS plans to evolve into AVAITPROS - the Associated Virginia IT Pros.

As we grow and get things worked out, we will be looking for other like spirited individuals.