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  • November 2011: Brought online build of our 2nd High Availability business computing cluster at client site.  At under $50K in hardware and software - it brings $250K capability to a market that desparately demands 24x7 computing services.  With over 300 connections of voice and data, and 7 businesses under one roof - it is a site you need to see.  Click here for a PDF of our IT room at the site.  



  • October 2010: VAITPROS.COM sponsor MAW Event Saturday October 9th at James River High School.
    We will be a sponsor at this years Martial Arts World Championship & Exhibition Competition


  • 2010: Greenfield Community Association Booth
    Classic/ Retro Home Arcade Game
    We will have a table and several Classic / Retro games available for attendees to play.  Remember the Atari 2600?  Pac-Man at home?

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