Not all IT guys are created equal. Jim Hevener has been setting up networks, providing PC hardware and software expertise, and delivering excellent IT solutions for more than 20 years. He knows what he is doing, is a good communicator and works efficiently. He also gives great advice on products to buy such as back-up software and anti-virus programs. He really knows his stuff. I highly recommend Jim for professional, friendly, and expert computer service. Don't spin your wheels trying to do it yourself. Call Jim Hevener and get it done right and fast.

Cy Coleman | Richmond, VA

Jim has been my go-to guru for a number of years and has never let me down. I have my own business to run so he knows I depend on my computer for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. With remote access he takes care of my "panic" situations right on the spot...and sets up house calls if my system needs his special hands-on attention. He never, ever talks down to me when explaining something technical that I don't understand and I trust him with full access to all of my files. He also checks and tests everything to make certain that all is in order before he hangs up the phone or leaves my home/office. All that from a really nice guy and at a reasonable rate, too!!! You'd be crazy to look any further than right here!!!

RW | Hanover, VA

Jim is my computer guru who can fix things on my software which the paid technicians cannot. He has always been there day and night, weekends, and week days for my small business which is a veterinary house call practice. Since I am mobile and 100% paper less, Jim is a God send when I have internet problems, printer problems, and other computer problems. If he thinks a fix can be performed by logging in remotely, he does so at the drop of a hat. Otherwise we schedule him to come to my office. I have been using Jim's service for over 10 years both at our home for personal use and my business. Just last week I had no internet and Verizon could not fix it so Jim came the next day late afternoon and had it repaired.
I could not maintain my business without Jim's dedicated service and expertise. I hope he does not retire before I do.

Linda R. | Richmond, VA

I work as an Accounts Manager for chiropractors.
My job is to work with insurance claims and payments; post monies and do analysis on all our patient accounts.
I moved out of state from the office three years ago and have continued to work for the chiropractors long distance.
Jim Hevener became my life line for my work.
As you may well imagine any connectivity issues or hardware/software issues would become major if not handled in an expedited manner.
Jim has handled my issues and questions with professionalism and knowledge to resolve any issues I have presented to him.
He has made suggestions to the office for changes providing improvements in several instances. His attitude is "can do".
Jim is an important part of our team.

Sally Schmitt | Richmond, VA via Ohio

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